Saturday, 24 August 2013

Time, gardens and more.

Art Sunday; Time, gardens and more…………………………….

This Sunday is supposed to be a catch up day, it’s raining, but that’s good, temperatures have been soaring recently and I have spent many happy hours walking along the edge of the sea and following the grandchildren out to the rock pools. Yesterday was a scorcher; we were out from 10m in the morning until after 9 in the evening. We’ve had a couple of thunderstorms this last week, and now we have this humid heavy rain, I think the heatwave is coming to an end but it has been totally glorious while it lasted. .

I think this will be a short post. I haven’t even checked out all of last weeks Art Sunday posts yet, I don’t know where the time goes these days. Inspiration for today is just bits of this and bits of that. Mostly long summer days, the peace and inspiration found in the garden, the joy of the grandchildren and my utter, utter delight at being alive these days.

 Religion and spirituality is something I rarely, is ever, mention, but there is something my mind keeps coming back to these days, which I think is worth mentioning. I find myself sitting by the sea, or sitting in the garden, or just watching the grandchildren play together on the beach; I find myself noticing the deep blue of the sky, the sound of the sea, the way the gulls float and glide on the air currents, I’ve been watching families enjoying the sunshine, so many little children discovering the joys of being outside;  and all I can think is ……….’This is no dress rehearsal, this is the real thing’.
I hear so called religious people talking about how their life is little more than preparation for another life, the one that begins after their death, and I feel sorry for them. From where I’m sitting we already have the best, it really doesn’t get any better. This constant lusting after more and belief in a life and a world that is so much better than what we have is, I think, at the root of my disillusionment with organised religion. I’m totally satisfied with the world I have, I don’t feel the need to hanker after more once I’m dead. What I would like, is to spend as much time as possible, with as much good health as possible, right here in this world. I don’t think we need paradise in a next world, because you don’t have to look very hard to find it right here in this world.
Random thoughts that are totally out of character I know, maybe I have sunstroke.

I came across this blog a while ago; this is a lady after my own heart, an artist and a lover of gardens. She doesn’t want her art of photos used without permission so I’ll just leave the link.

And Monet…………..he is exactly what this is about, I’m sure he saw the joy of the blue sky and the peace of the garden. You can’t really mention paintings and gardens in the same sentence without thinking of him.

A couple of paintings by Davey Brown, Scottish Artist from here

I think this David Hockney painting
Nichols Canyon, painted in 1980 expresses a joy of life


Found here

And finishing with an old favourite of mine, American artist Connie Tom, from here

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