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Art, Mina Sherzoy


SAARC Fashion Show

awwsominfo | 29 December 2007
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AWWSOM Showcases Designs in New Dehli, India on December 7, 2007
Fashion has a new meaning for Mina in Afghanistan. Fashion for Mina is a way of teaching women and their families to live again, of nursing people back to work culture and more importantly, making women economically empowered. This to Mina is the biggest fashion statement of all: Empowerment.
Over the years Mina Sherzoy has been trying to find a way to provide income for the poor and deprived widows of war. In addition to stimulating these women economically, she has helped also revive the handicrafts of Afghanistan which disappeared during the 30 years of war. AWWSOM was created as a shopping haven that reinvigorates the rich culture of Afghanistan. When you purchase from AWWSOM, you will directly empower an Afghan.
As Mina attempts to breathe life into the age-old handicrafts and embroidery; she also gives them a modern restoration.
Here is just a taste of the hundreds of unique and inspiring work of Afghan artisans.


nemo4sun wrote on Sep 19, '10
how wonderfull

this hits home with me

i think modern "fashion" sucks
i am really tired of it

everybody bemoans the western culture take over of the world
they complain about mcdonalds and kfc being everywhere
but the biggest one to me
is the western culture of what clothing to wear
we are boring

i was surfing the web a couple weeks ago on t e lawrence
i found some great old pics
that got me surfing on clothes of the world
people of the world used to dress different
and many were splendid in form and color
now it is regulated only to "traditional" wear
to be broken out for "octoberfest" or some similar type of occasion

i want more choice!!!!!

kathyinozarks wrote on Sep 19, '10
thanks Loretta, I enjoyed the fashion show

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